Season 3: The Great Canadian Holiday Baking Show

The holidays are fast approaching and what better way to get in the mood than with some festive spirit in the Baking Show Tent? Michael and James talk about all the holiday bakes and the returning bakers, James & Vandana from Season 1, and Timothy & Megan from Season 2. They even speculate on some other guest appearances…

Later, the guys are also joined by Season 2’s Megan Stasiewich and Season 3’s Colin Asuncion! This is an episode you absolutely DON’T WANT TO MISS!!

Signature – Cookie Ornaments (0:00)
Aurora on Record – (9:48)
Technical – Challah (11:08)
Megan Interview – (16:59)
Colin Interview – (32:35)
Showstopper – Holiday Village Sculpture (53:09)
Winner – (1:02:04)

Season 3: Week 8 – Finale Week

IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS! It’s Finale Week in the GCBS Tent (a very French-inspired finale, if we may add) and someone is going to win. Join Michael and James one last time for Season 3 as a winner is crowned!

We will also be doing an episode for the Great Canadian Holiday Baking Show, so stay tuned!

Signature – Fraisier (0:00)
Technical – Marjolaine (10:20)
Aurora on Record – (16:02)
Showstopper – Pièce montée  (18:58)
Winner – (28:08)

Season 3: Week 7 – Pie Week w/ special guest Jay Smidt

We’re almost at the finish line! It’s the Semi-Finals in the Baking Show Tent, and this year that means it’s pie week! Michael and James provide “insight” as usual; although for this episode, they also share their experience being on set while the episode was filmed. Later, the guys are also joined by Jay Smidt, Season 3 baker, for a chat about his time on the show!

Signature – Face Pie (0:00)
Technical – Pithivier (15:23)
Aurora on Record – (21:39)
Interview with Jay – (24:28)
Showstopper – Tiered Pies (41:10)

Season 3: Week 6 – International Week

It’s time to hit the road for International Week on The Great Canadian Baking Show! Michael and James suffer a complete and total case of the giggles at one point, but decided to leave it in because we still laughed so much during editing. We’ve also got a new Aurora on Record this week!

Signature – Tres Leches Cake (0:00)
(End of Laughing Fit – 14:45)
Technical – Kransekake (18:14)
Aurora on Record – (27:10)
Showstopper – Cheesecakes of the World (30:16)

Season 3: Week 4 – Old School Week

Super Duper! It’s Old School week in the Baking Show Tent and James & Michael are totally here to break down the episode bake by bake. (Insert some sort of reference to Jell-O here.)

Signature – Coffee Cake (0:00)
Technical – Crème Caramel (17:31)
Aurora on Record – (25:29)
Showstopper – Slab Cake (28:18)

Season 3: Week 3 – Bread Week

It’s Bread Week in the Baking Show Tent and boy, does everything look delicious! James and Michael breakdown all the bakes, as per usual, give an update on their Baking Brackets and offer some completely unsolicited, unrelated opinions. But what else is new?

Signature – Povitica (0:00)
Technical – Brioche à tête (17:55)
Aurora on Record – (27:40)
Showstopper – Bread Sculpture (28:53)

Season 3: Week 2 – Biscuit Week

SNAPS FOR THAT! It’s Biscuit Week in the GCBS Tent and Michael and James are here to breakdown all the highs, lows, crumbles and cracks of the week, as well as an update on their Baking Brackets. We’ve also got another “Aurora on Record” in store this episode, so don’t miss out!

Signature – Savoury Crackers (0:00)
Technical – Marshmallow Puffs (18:35)
Aurora On Record – (26:26)
Showstopper – Cookie Of Your Fantasies (29:41)

Season 3: Week 1 – Cake Week

The latest season of The Great Canadian Baking Show is officially underway and Michael & James are here with their recap of Cake Week! The guys discuss the bakers in action, their faves from Week 1, as well as their brackets for next week. Aurora, one of the new hosts of GCBS, also stops in to drop some behind the scenes details in our new segment, “Aurora on Record.”

Signature – Lucky Number Cake (0:00)
Technical – Strawberry Roulade (28:20)
Showstopper – Provincial Flag Cake (41:14)
Aurora on Record – (1:05:10)

Season 3 – Prep Week (with special guests Bruno Feldeisen, Kyla Kennaley, Carolyn Taylor & Aurora Browne)

We’re back! WE’RE BACK! Hard to believe it’s already time for another season of The Great Canadian Baking Show, and with it another season of The Cooling Rack! In this season’s Prep Week special, Michael and James give their initial impressions of the bakers from Season 3.

This year the guys also had the opportunity to go on the set of the show and meet the judges and hosts. Our interview with Bruno & Kyla starts at 35:10 and our interview with Aurora & Carolyn starts at 51:05. (Sorry if there’s any airplane noise in the interviews—we were outside!)

We’ve got lots of exciting and fun new content for this new season, so be sure to subscribe to The Cooling Rack so you don’t miss a thing!