Season 6: Week 5 – Chocolate Week

We’re melting with excitement over Chocolate Week in the Baking Show Tent! Join Michael and James as they breakdown all the bakes of the week, and stick around at the end when they enjoy some tasty treats from Season 6 Baker, Rosemary!

Signature – Ice Cream Sandwiches (0:00)
Technical – Sacher Torte (13:28)
Showstopper – Chocolate Reveal (23:36)
Tasting – Gingerbread & Bergamot Cakes (38:10)

Season 6: Week 4 – Botanical Week

Things are in full bloom in the Baking Show Tent as the bakers enter Botanical Week! Join Michael and James are they breakdown all the bakes of the week with plenty of fun along the way. And don’t forget, a rose by any other name…

Signature – Sandwich Cookies (0:00)
Technical – Chebakia (14:31)
Showstopper – Illusion Cake (27:04)

Season 6: Week 3 – Bread Week

You bread-er believe it; it’s Bread Week in the GCBS Tent! Join Michael & James as they breakdown all the bakes of the week with some fun interludes along the way!

Signature – Flatbreads (0:00)
Technical – Swedish Tea Ring (14:16)
Showstopper – Bread Work of Art (30:23)

Season 6: Week 2 – Biscuits & Bars Week

It’s Biscuits & Bars Week in the GCBS Tent and Michael & James are here to breakdown all the *checks notes ~ Wait, what did I write down?* bakes of the week. Thanks to all of our listeners for so many kind messages upon our return last week. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Signature – Meringue Bars (0:00)
Technical – Alfajores (12:01)
Showstopper – Fairy Tale Cookie Scene (23:34)

Season 6: Week 1 – Cake Week

Welcome back to an all-new season of The Cooling Rack! Join Michael and James as they get to know the 10 new bakers of Season 6 of The Great Canadian Baking Show. To kick things off it’s Cake Week and the duo breaks all the highs, the lows and the bolo de rolos of the week!

Signature – Friands (0:00)
Technical – Bolo de Rolo (15:17)
Showstopper – Kawaii Cake (29:40)