Season 3: Week 7 – Pie Week w/ special guest Jay Smidt

We’re almost at the finish line! It’s the Semi-Finals in the Baking Show Tent, and this year that means it’s pie week! Michael and James provide “insight” as usual; although for this episode, they also share their experience being on set while the episode was filmed. Later, the guys are also joined by Jay Smidt, Season 3 baker, for a chat about his time on the show!

Signature – Face Pie (0:00)
Technical – Pithivier (15:23)
Aurora on Record – (21:39)
Interview with Jay – (24:28)
Showstopper – Tiered Pies (41:10)

Season 3: Week 6 – International Week

It’s time to hit the road for International Week on The Great Canadian Baking Show! Michael and James suffer a complete and total case of the giggles at one point, but decided to leave it in because we still laughed so much during editing. We’ve also got a new Aurora on Record this week!

Signature – Tres Leches Cake (0:00)
(End of Laughing Fit – 14:45)
Technical – Kransekake (18:14)
Aurora on Record – (27:10)
Showstopper – Cheesecakes of the World (30:16)

Season 3: Week 5 – Chocolate Week

The chocolate is flowing in the Baking Show Tent this week and the laughs don’t stop coming on this episode of The Cooling Rack. James and Michael are here again to offer uninformed critiques of the bakes and unsolicited opinions on email structure.

Signature – Chocolate Sandwich Cookie (0:00)
Technical – Marquise au chocolat (14:29)
Showstopper – Box of Chocolates (27:08)

Season 3: Week 4 – Old School Week

Super Duper! It’s Old School week in the Baking Show Tent and James & Michael are totally here to break down the episode bake by bake. (Insert some sort of reference to Jell-O here.)

Signature – Coffee Cake (0:00)
Technical – Crème Caramel (17:31)
Aurora on Record – (25:29)
Showstopper – Slab Cake (28:18)

Season 3: Week 3 – Bread Week

It’s Bread Week in the Baking Show Tent and boy, does everything look delicious! James and Michael breakdown all the bakes, as per usual, give an update on their Baking Brackets and offer some completely unsolicited, unrelated opinions. But what else is new?

Signature – Povitica (0:00)
Technical – Brioche à tête (17:55)
Aurora on Record – (27:40)
Showstopper – Bread Sculpture (28:53)